Meet some of my Lovely Friends!



Sacramento/San Francisco and touring - Noelle is like something from an old French movie. Long dark shiny hair and porcelain skin, a love for all things historical and mysterious, this woman is one of my best friends in this twilight world and never a bad word to say about anyone. Genuine, adorable and sexy as hell.



Washington DC and touring - Jessica is the epitome of old school Hollywood glamour and sophistication combined with a youthful sense of fun and charm. she loves literature, fine champagne and good conversation. A bon vivant and a curvy beauty.



Chicago - Tonja is one of the most naturally saucy and fun women you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting. Top ranked and reviewed in Chicago, she will leave you wanting more of her, as I do every time I meet her. Duos with her are the most fun.



San Diego/Las Vegas - Charlotte is charming, warm, welcoming, sensual and all the other things you need in a brunette. She gets booked for long engagements regularly because her company is stimulating and her skills are legendary. 



Chicago - Mara is a young woman, but with intelligence and wisdom that makes her seem more worldly than her years would suggest. It's not often I meet someone under 30 with such poise and confidence, and she is petite and adorable to boot!