Welcome to my world - one in which I invite you to share. Now that you've found me what can I tell you to intoxicate you and pique your curiosity further? How do you convey personality in words?

I'm many things in one small package. I was born and educated in England - way down in the rural and coastal southwest - and I'm very much a product of that beginning. My abiding love is for the sea and the ever beckoning horizon, open spaces and the tantalizing glimpses of what lies beyond. I was academically inclined and have always read voraciously and in my time I've been a teacher and a Psychologist, but the restrictions of career ladder climbing, and domesticity, have never sat well with my nomadic free spirit, and so I gave those lives up to embrace the independent existence of a gentleman's companion.

My life since has been golden and graced, as I have come to truly understand that once you make the conscious choice to step out of society's expectations, and into the fear of living what you dream, much more opens to you than closes from you. I lived and studied in Australia learning to surf and ride horses on a cattle station, and I've travelled and toured through many of the states of the great USA with rich experiences of its geography, people and cities. I'm now making the South west area of France my home, as I lived here ten years ago and still love it.

Travel and change is second nature to me. As a confident and curious solo traveller, my natural tendency towards introversion has relaxed into the desire to be intoxicated by the charms of certain men with whom I can connect using wit and humour, intelligence and passion. It's with great pleasure that I now use my background and experience to bring pleasure.

Creating comfort and ease, and luxuriating in the presence of a well known or new friend, makes my life the glorious magic carpet ride it is. While reserved and elegant on the surface I am open minded and exciting behind closed doors. Now a woman of 41, I'm acutely aware of the joy of intimate connections, and will create an atmosphere and memorable experience that you'll long remember. Come and join me for a journey, or whisk me away on one with you. There is romance to be found close to your home or as far afield as you care to go.

Are you intrigued? Would you like to know more?

Come and find out for yourself - take a glimpse into my life for a short time, whether that's for a drink or dinner, or even a few leisurely days. I promise I will bring my sense of humour, down to earth wit, and a kindness, acceptance and connection that I hope you'll treasure, matched with a worldly sensuality that only a woman who's lived and loved widely can possess.

To get in touch please keep scrolling and reading until you reach my booking form and can wait no longer.........


There are many sides to my personality:  Kindness, softly spoken words, compassion, empathy- an openness to allowing a gentleman to set the pace. Picture giving and receiving soft touches and tender embraces, and slow burning anticipation leading to meaningful connection.

There is much debate about what constitutes genuine companionship but for me it conjures up a meeting with a woman and not a girl. My aim is to be an all feminine fantasy - a engagement with a woman you’ll dream about meeting with time after time, to escape the stress of everyday life.

If you’re looking for someone you can engage with, talk to, feel valued by and comfortable with, then we will have a wonderful time together. This is a life I love – meeting interesting gentlemen for fun, flirting, discussions and clandestine, memorable experiences that both of us can relive in memory long after we meet.

Whatever it is you seek in your time with me, I am nationally reviewed within the US and have built a solid reputation there and a quick perusal of this will reassure you of whether my style will suit you.  Whatever you long for, it should be a one of a kind experience.